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Mooie uitleg van Visual Composer binnen WordPress, samen met Slider Revolution. Twee mooie plug-ins die het leven van een webbouwer een stuk makkelijker, en de sites mooier maken.

Visual Composer is gemaakt door WP Bakery: en Slider Revolution door Themepunch en is verkrijgbaar op



24-Hour Smoked Pulled Pork – Grilled you smoker at about 200 – 250°F; Rub the pork with ¼…

Bron: 24-Hour Smoked Pulled Pork – Grilled

24-Hour Smoked Pulled Pork

BBQ Type: Smoker
Fuel: Charcoal
Cooking Time: 24 h
Makes 10 to 16 portions


12 lb – Boston Butt
¼ cup – Yellow mustard
Barbecue sauce
Burger buns
Coleslaw (optional)
Wood chunks, preferably Oak and Apple


½ cup – Paprika
½ cup – Brown sugar
¼ cup – Black pepper
¼ cup – Salt
2 tbsp – Chili powder
1 tbsp – Ground cumin
1 tbsp – Onion powder
1 tbsp – Garlic powder

Mop Sauce

1 cup – Apple cider vinegar
1 cup – Chicken broth
½ cup – Olive oil
1 Chopped onion
1 tbsp – Cayenne pepper flakes
1 tbsp – Salt
1 tbsp – Black pepper

Finishing Sauce

1 ½ cup – Apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp – Brown sugar
1 tbsp – Salt
1 tbsp – Black pepper
1 tbsp – Cayenne pepper flakes
½ tbsp – Hot sauce


Preheat you smoker at about 200 – 250°F;
Rub the pork with ¼ cup yellow mustard, then mix all the Rub ingredients together and pour generously on every surface of the pork shoulder;
Place the pork shoulder fat side up inside your smoker and add Oak & Apple Wood Chunks onto the hot coals for smoking;
Mix all of the Mop Sauce ingredients together and bring to a simmer for 15 minutes. Pour some mop sauce on the pork shoulder every now and then while its cooking to keep it moist (don’t worry if you are cooking this recipe overnight, the mop sauce can wait ’till morning);
Smoke until the internal temperature of the pork shoulder reaches 195°F on an instant-read thermometer, this can take up to 24 hours if you maintain your smoker temperature at about 220°F, but don’t worry if it only take 16 to 20 hours it will still be very tender.
Carefully transfer the pork to a foil pan and cover with aluminum foil. Let it rest for about one hour
Using thick rubber gloves, pull the pork into pieces, discarding the bones and fat, then pour all the Finishing Sauce ingredients onto the meat and give a good mix.

Serving suggestion: In burger buns with barbecue sauce and coleslaw


Test TwentyTwenty plugin

Before/after slider plugin testen:

WordPress plugin TwentyTwenty van Zurb Studios maakt het mogelijk om een voor & na foto-slider te plaatsen op je website. Zorg ervoor dat de 2 foto’s exact de zelfde maat hebben en plaats ze onder elkaar, code ervoor, code erachter, klaar! Dit is wel heel erg simpel in gebruik, en nog gratis ook! Nice!!!



Bovenstaande foto’s zijn geëdit in Adobe’s Lightroom.


Nobody's bitch

Put an Image on a T-shirt in Photoshop

Tutorial geschreven door Pete Faylor (

Nobody-s-Bitch-Bloodred shutterstock_270308186-300pix

Nobody's bitch

Zie het shirt hier op

Put an Image on a T-shirt in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to superimpose an image onto a t-shirt.

Step 1: Make it a Displacement Map
-First, take your image of a t-shirt.

-We have to set this t-shirt up as a Displacement Map, so the image we put on it will conform to any wrinkles. Photoshop has a handy tool for that, but don’t jump the gun yet, buddy. Duplicate your shirt layer by selecting it in the layers panel and hitting Cmd+Jz[Cntrl+J on PC]. This will put a copy above your selected layer.

-Select your copy and go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate [Cmd+Shift+U Mac; Cntrl+Shift+U on PC]. This will take all the color information out of the document.

-Give it a Gaussian Blur [Filter>Gaussian Blur] enough to make the t-shirt look like silk. I put it at at about 1.5 pixels but yours is going to be different.

-Now to save our Displacement Map. Go to File>Save As. Make sure you’re saving it as a PSD file or else this won’t work. Name it “displacement_map” and save it somewhere where it’s easy to find. Send it to the desktop, fool!

-Now hide your desaturated shirt layer.

Step 2
: Find Your Image
-Open the file of the image you want imposed onto the shirt. Make sure it’s flattened with no background. I used this dumb thing I drew. Don’t judge me.

I love the Power Frog. It's so bad.-Use the move tool [Hot key: V] to drop it onto your shirt file. Put the image into Free Transform with Cmd+T [Cntrl+T on PC] and organize it so it’s where you want it on your shirt.

-With your image layer selected, go to to Filter>Distort>Displace. It’ll bring up a box for you to fool around in…

-Make sure Stretch to Fit is active, as well as Repeat Edge Pixels. You may have to fool around with the Horizontal and Vertical Scale numbers, but the default 10 x 10 pixels usually works well. The higher the number, the more distorted the image will become.

-Photoshop will ask you to choose a file to use as a Displacement Map. Select the file we made earlier. If you listened to my advice, it’s on your desktop. You’re welcome.

Stop looking at my files.

-You’ll see the image conform to the wrinkles in the shirt. Cool, but not 100% there yet. You’re not impressed. Hang in there…

Step 3: Make It More Convincing
Cmd+Click on your image file’s thumbnail. This will make a selection of it [you know, the annoying marching ants].
MARCH.-Now, with the selection active, go to your desaturated t-shirt layer you hid before. Hit Cmd+J [Cntrl +J on PC] to make a duplicate. This will duplicate the selection of the t-shirt layer.  Move that new duplicated layer above your image layer. Looks horrible… And stupid! Bare with me.

-Turn the Blend Mode of this new selected layer to Hard Light. You may want to fool around with its levels too by hitting Cmd+L [Cntrl+L PC] to give it more contrast. Lower its opacity to about 50%. Looks good, but not good enough, son.

Step 4: Sneaky Blending
-Select your image layer. Double click it to bring up the layers styles. Look toward the bottom of the dialogue box in the “Blend If” section. You should see Underlying Layer with two sliders on each side. I circled it for you. You’re welcome.

There you are.

-Hold down the Alt key and click the black slider and slide it to the right. Don’t be startled! Are you startled!? This’ll split that sucker up and make the darker grays come through the image, giving it a more convincing look. Drag it around until you’re happy.

Follow the arrow.
 -That’s it! Great job! You can add more to it if you’re not happy, like throwing a Curves adjustment layer on top of everything to balance out the colors. That’s always fun. So proud of you. Thanks for reading!

Bron: Put an Image on a T-shirt in Photoshop | pfaylor

Kruk van sloophout (palletbokken)


Ontwerp en vervaardiging van een kruk gemaakt van een lading gebruikte palletbokken, afkomstig van een installatiebedrijf in de regio. Het zijn grote dikke balken (± 6x9cm, niet allemaal recht en even dik) van pallets waar grote rollen plaatstaal op worden vervoerd.


Met het ontwerp wil ik een kruk vervaardigen zonder gebruik te maken schroeven en spijker e.d. Alleen hout en lijm en het gebruik van houtverbindingen moeten zorgen voor een stevige constructie, aan het hout zal het niet liggen, dat is meer dan dik en zwaar genoeg.

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